LED Technology



The new technology has arrived. It is time to embrace it and reap the benefits. After a short payoff period, this new technology will put money back in your pocket for years to come. Average life spans of most LED fixtures range from 50,000 to as much as 100,000 hours. Based on a 10/hr a day use, that's 13 to 27 years of maintenance free service! This technology has the ability to cut your energy bills by up to 65% or more depending on the application. 

For example, the picture above is (2) 400 watt metal halide pole lights at local car dealership. They have 100 of these on their lot, that's 40,000 watts burning for every hour they're on. Averaging 10 hours a night, sometimes more (winter months). At $.10/kWh, that's $40 per day, $14,600 per year, and $73,000 for 5 years to light that parking lot. And that doesn't include any associated maintenance costs that they will definitely have (lamps, ballasts, bucket truck, electrician, etc).

Now this photo shows a 150 watt LED replacement for a 400 watt HID light. It consumes 63% less energy, performs just as well or better, has an average life of 100,000 hrs, and virtually no maintenance costs. Those same 100 pole lights would cost $15 per day, $5475 per year, and $27,375 for 5 years to light that same parking lot without maintenance costs. Which power bill would you rather pay? In just five years, that technology will have saved almost $46,000 in energy costs. And, still has a rated life expectancy of 20+ years. This type of project would completely pay for itself in 4 to 5 years, and even sooner if customers take advantage of available utility rebates. In some cases, rebates can actually completely offset labor costs of upgrading. The longer you wait, the more it will cost you in energy bills.

There is not any valid reason to not take advantage of this technology. When was the last time utility rates went down? Never! When was the last time they went up? And they will continue to go up. This type of technology and savings can be applied to any size project large or small. Call Edison Electric today (406-369-2886) and find out how you can start saving money now.




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